Spider Monkey
Updated: 3/18/2020
Spider Monkey

Storyboard Text

  • Rescueing Spider Monkey
  • Spider Monkey Survives
  • Very luckily, you survived, spider monkey!
  • Please, tell us spider monkey, what happened to you earlier on!
  • Spider Monkey's Story
  • I'm Bingo!
  • We are a BIG FAMILY!
  • This is our HOME!
  • As a young explorer journeys through the tropical rain forest, she discovers an injured and helpless spider monkey lying still on the forest ground, as if it was dead... Blood was spilled and the poor creature seemed lifeless. Quickly, the explorer rushed the poor monkey to the hospital.
  • Human Destruction
  • After being treated in the hospital, the spider monkey survives, though injuries still remain.
  • The Fall of Spider Monkeys
  • Thank you so much for rescuing me! My name is Bingo the spider monkey.
  • For 10 years, I've lived in the glorious rain forest here in South America peacefully and happily with all my family and friends. In the trees, we played and enjoyed a joyful life. We eat juicy leaves, flowers, aerial roots, and insects daily; each day all we do mainly is look for food. Together in the spider monkey community, we work well together, often socializing in troops of up to 35 and splitting into smaller groups to find resources. Whenever one of us is under threat, we would always be there for one another like a big family. We also love to hug each other!
  • TOGETHER. we MUST HELP SAVE Spider Monkeys! Right now, they are endangered, and if we don't help them, they could go extinct!
  • Then, all of a sudden, humans began to invade our homes! They came in with big machines and chopped down all our trees. Each of us were separated and we had to escape! All of us monkeys were so confused and frightened! It was chaos!
  • HELP!!!
  • NOOO!
  • AHHHH!
  • Later on, more and more trees that we once lived in were gone. Loggers came in and deforested most of the area. Overtime, we had to continue fleeing for safety as more of our homes were lost. They cleared the forest and built large factories and houses. Many of us black spider monkeys suffered, because we didn't have any enough food or shelter; many of us would starve. Rumors spread that humans did the same to our population in Central America and Mexico. One by one, my friends and family died before my eyes. ; it was devastating! As for me myself, as far as I can remember, hunters soon started shooting. I was shot but I was able to escape into a rain forest that was luckily still unharmed, until I couldn't go any further. Everything went blank......
  • Currently, spider monkeys are endangered and vulnerable. Living in the tropical rain forests of Central and South America, they are being threatened greatly by deforestation which destroys their habitat, and hunted as exotic pets. As humans, we must help reduce this conflict. Organisations like the WWF are supporting by protecting forests they need to survive and managing the protected areas. We can HELP too, by raising awareness or contributing to donations and helping researchers map out locations of these monkeys in organisation websites online. SAVE THE SPIDER MONKEYS!