The Mexican War
Updated: 5/18/2020
The Mexican War

Storyboard Text

  • War Clouds over Oregon & TexasWant to avoid war w/ Mexico Refuse to annex Texas despite treaty signed by Sam Houston
  • US & Mexico ClashThey worried about future rebellions in CA, NA Americans resent rejection of Polk’s offer for CA & NM
  • Fighting in MexicoBattle in port of Veracruz led by Gen. Scott...take the city, head to Mexico cityGen. Kearny captures Santa Fe, heads to San Diego, wins control of southern CA
  • Peace Brings New Land1853 - US paid $10 million for strip of land (part AZ & NM)Needed to complete railroad“Gadsden Purchase”
  • A Mix of Cultures1848 - newsettlers Own culture, democratic ideasMexican Americans taught them to mine silver & irrigate cropsOften treated Mexican Americans & Native Americans poorlyIn SW, they kept some Mexican laws
  • The Mexican War