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Updated: 1/15/2020
Unknown Story
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  • The day began with my mom whispering my name, as to not wake my brothers up. "Liam... Liam... Liam, honey, it's time to wake up" with a voice as sweet as the stuff she was calling me. I loved swimming, but I hated having to get up early in summer. Once she knew that I was up, she started to get louder. " Liam, you have swim today. With this attitude, you're going to get the worst time ever. My eyes started to burn and clear. I rolled out of my soft blankets, and yawned so big that I could fit a horse into my mouth. I got some breakfast, my jammers, clean clothes and a towel and head into the car.
  • As usual, it started to rain. It, according to various ledgends and myths, always rains during a meet. The light, wet drizzle refuses to quench the fire burning within me to win. It does, however, usually get really close to shutting the pool down for 15 minutes. It never does though. It's as if these meets are immortal. They can't be stopped. This was my first year swimming, so, natrually, I was just "gaining experience". Although I am skinny, I lost to people with better technique. Now, I hate losing like I hate this site, but this is still my first year, so I was kind of okay with it as long as I tried my best like I did every time. So mom was giving me this speech like, "come on Li,this is your last one of the season, so go out there and leave it all in the pool."
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  • The time passed at the pace of a snail during a 5-K fun run. By the time I was called on-deck, I had to get myself excited again. Lucky for me, the two giants on either did the trick. It was a classic David and Golaith setup, except that there was more than one Goliath, and it was a free for all. My heart started pounding like crazy when I realized that I had to go against these giants. Finally, I was called up to lane 4 to dive in. See, I think I already said that it was my first year swimming. I had arleady lost to people my own age. These guys looked like they were at least 15 or 16. The ages were 13-19. When we got up on the starting blocks, and I felt calm yet excited. I cleared the clouds on my goggles, inhaled and exhaled deeply, and put my goggles.
  • The starter yelled "Ready?" and I was, to leave everything I have. Then, with a deep breath inward, he said one word-"GO!" According to my mom, I was the first one in the water. The smell of chlorine was instant. I kicked up to the surface, and heard voices yelling. I swam the first lap fine, and did a perfect flip turn. By the second, I was getting a little tired, but kept good form and did another perfect flip-turn, in fear of being last and dragging behind. By the third lap, I was really getting tired. The adrenaline kept me up and running. Yet again, another perfect flip turn. I would have to do no more, as it was my last one. The finish was straight ahead. I put in every thing I had, everything that I had trained for. Finally, I was there. I looked at the other lanes to see what the damage was. I was suprised to see that the others... were not there! I had finished first! As David had defeated Golaith, I had defeated them! My mom was super proud, and went of to talk to my coach.
  • After that, we went to get ice cream at DQ. We got a cold, sweet ice cream cake and flavourful shakes. Later, my grandmother came down and celebrated with us, and ate some cake. She even gave me a 20-dollar bill. My grandmother is as kind as the sun. She congradulated me a thousand times.
  • Dairy Queen
  • Before the day was over, we went outside and toasted marshmellos and made smores. The sweet, melted marshmellows finished off my stomach. I told my dad all about what happened, and that I won, and he was happy but also not about the deal he made with me if that I got a win, I would get 20 bucks. So, I made 40 dollars off of a win. And also, a first place medal. So... progress!
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