The broken blade by Ryan Hansen hour 6
Updated: 2/27/2020
The broken blade by Ryan Hansen hour 6

Storyboard Text

  • Oh no father has cut his thumb with an axe. If only i was doing my job this wouldn't have happened. I feel horrible, I must become a voyageur to make it up for father and to help pay for the family
  • my muscles are aching in pain and so are my blisters i'm feeling better from being home sick i'm learning more about being a voyageur i have a lot more confidence after carrying the 200 pound bag i'm starting to get along with everyone but beloit he's really annoying and i have no clue where we are going
  • Oh no, La Londe has fallen out it is very sad but i must move on but its really hard because he was a great leader and very supportive.The day has been really sad and quiet because off what happened but i will try to get over it so it won't effect how i feel and act but its sad
  • We started going on lake superior but it started raining and wind started to blow hard and created big waves that we couldn't paddle through so we went to an island were beloit and bellguared got in a fight
  • Yay we finally made it grand portage, It's been a very long and painful trip but we finally made it and i got to see what makes this place so special and some of the indian people there and got to meet mukwa an indian leader that is really nice and smart and is telling me cool stories