monroe doctrine
Updated: 1/19/2021
monroe doctrine

Storyboard Text

  • We have created the Monroe Doctrine so that can't happen
  • We want to colonize your New Nations of Latin America
  • I, James Monroe have created the Monroe Doctrine which will protect The united states and South America from Europe, and its colonization.
  • "The United States would not interfere in the internal affairs of or the wars between European powers"
  • Europe wanted to colonize the new nations of Latin America. So the Monroe Doctrine was created.
  • "Any attempt by a European power to oppress or control any nation in the Western Hemisphere would be viewed as a hostile act against the United States."
  • James Monroe created the Monroe Doctrine. He created it so that the so that United States and South America would be protected from colonization.
  • Europe agrees to these circumstances
  • The Monroe Doctrine states that The U.S will not Interfere in the affairs of Europe. And any of their wars the U.S will not have a part in.
  • The 1904 Roosevelt Corollary, which supplemented the Monroe Doctrine was also very important in the making and helping make it.
  • Europe can not attempt to oppress or control any nation. If Europe does it would be considered a hostile act against the Western Hemisphere and the U.S.
  • United States sees and would not interfere with existing colonies and dependencies in the Western Hemisphere. And Europe would agree to the Monroe Doctrine, and obey it.
  • Monroe Doctrine aid the groundwork for U.S. expansions and interventionist practices in the decades to come. The Monroe doctrine helped shaped the U.S and how it is today.