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  • First Day Application
  • finally an escape from home and all my mums boyfriends!
  • Sir can I work here?
  • Yeap! You can start tomorrow on dishes!
  • First Day of the Job
  • Revelation
  • If you stop complaining you wont have to do dish duty anymore. No one wants to work with a complainer.
  • The reason you keep getting dish duty is because your complaining about it.
  • Family Bonding
  • This scene shows how our author, Adkison, is on his first day of the job. Yet feels overwhelmed by the never-ending pile of dishes he's stuck with cleaning. Despite him hating cleaning the dishes in general. As seen here, On my first night, the dishes piled up after the dinner rush: plates, silverware, cups and oily black deep-dish pans, which came clean only with a lot of soap and scrubbing in steaming-hot water. I couldn't keep up, and stacks of dishes formed on all sides of me.
  • College Application Letter
  • Yea, my application is due tomorrow.
  • This scene captures the moment where Jeff talks to Adkison about morals, and how he still has his job on dish duty due to the fact that he is always complaining. And has a strong father-like sentiment to it. Also finally releasing Adkison from his dish duty position. Seen here . “Do you know why you're still doing dishes?” he asked. “Because you keep complaining about it.” Nobody likes to work with a complainer, he said. 
  • Boston Trip
  • This is amazing I cant wait to go thanks again!
  • This scene depicted shows Adkison, Jeff, and the rest of the Pizza hut workers bonding and having a good time. Showing how Adkison started to feel close, and more like a family to his co-workers. Shown here Our staff was like a second family. and ...played music on the jukebox, turned up to full blast, after all the customers had left.
  • This scene captures the moment where Adkison tells Jeff about his college application letter that is due. Only for Jeff to respond by helping him out by allowing him to have overnight shipping. Shown here, At work that day, I offhandedly mentioned to Jeff that an application was due the next day but that I hadn't mailed it. He opened a drawer and took out an overnight envelope. He told me to stop what I was doing, leave work and send the application immediately. I protested about the expense of overnight postage, but he said he would cover it.
  • ARE YOU SEROUIS! Thank you!
  • Hey i got this over night letter, you can use this and send it to them.
  • This final scene shows how much Jeff cared for Adkison as his family, for he bought Adkison tickets for both of them to go to Boston for him to preview the college he is to attend. Showing how sometimes the family you need is the people you work with. Shown here Jeff surprised me with an early graduation present: a trip to Boston. He paid for the hotel, the car and the plane tickets. We toured campus and visited Fenway Park and did some sightseeing around New England.
  • No problem, I'm just excited to see ya like this!Now lets get some pizza!
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