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Updated: 5/16/2021
Unknown Story

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  •  A fight takes place between the Capulets and the Montagues. Then the fight starts when tyrant joins them however , benvoilo comes along and tries to stop the fight as a peacemaker .
  • Romoe is at a party hosted by the capulet and Romeo spots to girls there but mainly has his eyes on one other witch is Juliet. Jasmine her sister is jealous of their love between Romeo and her sister
  • In this Juliet is saying good things about Romeo until her sister comes out there on the balcony . She tell Juliet that you never trust a Montague especially Romeo and then say awful bad thing about him and then Juliet cry’s about Romeo and why does he have to be like that .
  • Juliet is so depressed that she can take in no more . So she goes to buy poison . Jasmine arrives and feel sad for her and throw the position on the ground and then tell her the truth about how she was lie about montagues and she was jealous about her relationship with Romeo. Juliet forgive s her
  • Romeo and Juliet parents. Meet up . Jasmine apologized to Romeo and his Montague family about her actions. Then they all plant for Juliet and romeos marriage.