Updated: 9/28/2020

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Part 1?

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  • I agree. We need better jobs too.
  • We must move to America! The kids need to live a better life.
  • It wont be that bad!
  • Momma, it smells in here!
  • Once there was a family who lived in a poor country. The parents had jobs that put little food on the table along with small amounts of money.
  • !!!
  • !!!
  • This family decided to move to America. They took a boat and were forced to stay in steerage with dozens of other people. For two weeks they lived like this.
  • We don't have much money, thats why we came to America.
  • When they arrived in New York City they were welcomed by the Statue of Liberty, a sign of hope. Then they were taken to Ellis Island to begin the process as immigrants.
  • We made it!
  • Their journey was not over. They had to go through the immagration process that started at a large winding staircase. These stairs led to the Registry Room, where they would find out if each person could enter the country right away or not.
  • From there they taken to the Medical Exam and Legal Inspection. The Medical Exam took about six-seconds, where doctors would check for any signs of illness. The Legal Inspection was where they asked twenty-nine questions were asked to each immigrant.
  • Once they were finished, they would meet other family members at the "Kissing Booth", where families were reunited if they were separated. Now, they were offical immigrants of the U.S. and would go to start a new life in America.