What's My Plan?

Updated: 7/28/2020
What's My Plan?

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  • Studying for My Knowledge Test
  • I'm trying to spend some time everyday practicing for my knowledge test! I'm going to be so prepared to take my L test!
  • Taking My L Test
  • Focus and take your time that way you can remember all the information you've studied.
  • Practicing + Studying for My Class 7 Test
  • I try to go driving at least once a day so that I will be comfortable and have lots of practice for my driving test.
  • L
  • Wow, this sure is a lot to remember. But that's why I'm going to study it as much as I can before my test!
  • Before taking my knowledge test I will study the 'Learn to Drive Smart' Textbook and take the practice knowledge test until I can get 100% each time.
  • Taking My Class 7 Driving Test
  • I will take my knowledge test when I feel that I am ready and prepared. I won't forget to bring my ID with me and I'll remember money to pay my fees.
  • Studying + Practicing for My Class 5 Test
  • I will practice driving with my mom (a qualified supervisor) as much as I can and I will start to study materials that will help me with my class 7 driving test.
  • Taking My Class 5 Driving Test and Getting My Full License
  • I am fully prepared for my driving test and I am ready to have my full license!
  • I will focus on the road during my driving test and remember all the road rules that I have studied and learned.
  • I've got this! I have practiced and studied and I know what I'm doing! I just have to focus and stay calm.
  • I will practice safe driving by myself in different environments and conditions while still continuing to study my materials for the class 5 driving test.
  • I am confident that I know what I am doing and I am following all the rules for a novice driver!
  • N
  • I will apply all the knowledge I have collected and all the road rules that I have learned to drive safely and calmly in my class 5 driving test. I will achieve an unrestricted BC driver's license!