Gonorrhea Project

Updated: 5/19/2020
Gonorrhea Project

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  • Hey..My name is Eleanor and this is my story on how I got treated for Gonorrhea.
  • I was at home when I began to get painful urination and irregular discharge...
  • I immediatly knew something was wrong and went to seek medical help.
  • She begun to explain that my symptoms are of a bigger problem which is a disease called Gonorrhea.
  • For now lets just stick with regular antibiotics for treatment.
  • This pathogen is called Neisseria Gonorrhoea.
  • The good news is, this is treatable and you wont die from it, but there can be long term effects if not treated properly which can lead to injections of antibiotics for treatment.
  • My doctor sent me home with some antibiotics which should help treat the disease.
  • Antibiotics
  • With all the information and antibiotics my symptoms began to fade..
  • My doctor also told me that gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease which can be spread through sexual contact.
  • Interesting fact- This is a notifiable disease meaning a doctor has to report it to the NDDSS.
  • Im now free of gonorrhea but will always remember to pay attention to my body and go get help if I notice anything wrong and you should to.