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ancient Mesopotamia Cameron.P
Updated: 10/16/2019
ancient Mesopotamia Cameron.P
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  • fertile crescent
  • social classes
  • nomadic herders
  • the fertile crescent was when sea levels decreased anda bridge connected Russia and Alaska during the ice age
  • Cuneiform
  • the 3 social classes or 4 were king merchant upper class priest upper class farmers lower class slaves lower class.
  • City states
  • nomadic herders often raid villages in Mesopotamiagiven the name nomadic means there probably nomads
  • patriarchal society
  • Although Mesopotamian s don't speak English they use cuneiform's unfortunately I could not find cuneiform's
  • [rabbit cuneiform]
  • there were 3 city states in Mesopotamia they were Semitic Sumerian Elamite these were located in modern day Iraq sumer is by far the oldest city state
  • a patriarchal society was in Mesopotamia this is when men can only be the ruler of a city state
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