Homeostasis Story
Updated: 2/4/2020
Homeostasis Story
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  • Thermoregulation
  • I don't feel good. I think I am about to pass OUT!
  • I am SOOO thirsty!
  • Osmoregulation
  • Here you go.
  • Waste Management
  • If your body temperature is 95 degrees or lower you have "Hypothermia", which could lead to cardiac arrest, brain damage, or you could die.
  • Control Center, Receptors, & Effectors
  • When you are dehydrated you can drink water to help maintain your osmotic balance.
  • Set Point
  • I am SOOO hungry that I am starting to feel weak.
  • Our body gets rid of things through our digestive system by feces "poop" or urine "pee".
  • The End
  • A receptor in your skin sends signals to the control center (your brain), which signals the effectors (blood vessels and sweat glands). This is what causes you to SWEAT.
  • A negative feedback loop is known as a set point. When you are hungry the chemical process needed for you to live slows down and stores energy.
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