kidnapped assessment

Updated: 3/4/2021
kidnapped assessment

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Storyboard Text

  • hey kid would u like some candy
  • ok come with me
  • yes please
  • get in The CAR RIGHT NOW!!!
  • HELP ME!!!!
  • Oh my god he is really sus
  • uhhhhhhhhh ok
  • hold my hand or I will strangle you
  • I need to run in as soon as they get in the house
  • (whispering) I think she has passed out
  • passed put
  • wheres my dad I'm really scared now
  • I'm going to give you back to your dad if you come with me
  • hey here is $100 and you should be running up for presedent.
  • no WAY! thank you so much
  • no dad but i passed out
  • HARRIET I was so scared I thought you were going to die!