Updated: 12/21/2020

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  • are you sure we are going the right way
  • don't you think we are a little old for a petting zoo
  • maybe, the map says that the petting zoo is ahead of us
  • if you want you can sleep in my tent it's supposed to rain
  • I see that your tent came out better than mine
  • Get me out of here here this is not a petting zoo it's a sticky gas station bathroom that has bugs in it. where did you find that map that says this is a zoo
  • Wow, there's a monkey in our camp site
  • Aww, I think he is cute I'm going to keep him
  • no way I love animals, oh by the way the map says the zoo is still a days hike we beter set up our tents it's getting dark
  • ok, we should clean up and get ready to keep walking
  • nice, mango loves bananas 
  • the map said the zoo is very close, and oh I got a banana
  • kate's calling me
  • finally we are at the petting zoo
  • don't worry little guy, kate will be out of the bathroom soon
  • are you kidding me?! we walked for two days for this! call a taxi we are getting out of here. Oh and look into monkey car sets
  • I got it off the internet
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