Declaration of Independence
Updated: 11/8/2018
Declaration of Independence
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  • "No Taxation Without Representation"
  • Independence Hall
  • Meeting of the Delegates
  • Colonists were angered by the unfair taxation put upon them by the British government when they had no representation in government to go against these acts. In order to pay back war reparations, the government imposed acts/taxes onto the people, such as the Tea Act, Intolerable Acts, and Sugar Act. Colonists were the only ones who had to pay these ridiculous taxes and for this reason, they no longer wanted to be a part of Great Britain.
  • Free At Last
  • The signing of the Declaration of Independance took place at the Independance Hall in Philadelphia, PA. Many meetings of the Second Continental Congress took place here and on July 4th 17776 was the actual signing of the Declaration.
  • Spreading the Word
  • The leader of the Second Continental Congress was John Handcock, but the author of the Declaration of Independance was Thomas Jefferson. Other significant members of the Second Continental Congress included Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Benjamin Harrison, Richard Henry Lee, George Washington and Edward Rutledge. However, the Second Continental Congress was made up of 56 delegates.
  • Declaration of Independence 
  • July 4th, 1776
  • The Second Continental congress met in Philadelphia at the Independence Hall to vote for independence from Great Britan. The delegates from the north all the way down to the south signed the document. A month before this, congress accepted the idea of the colonies having the right to be free independent states, which was first introduced by Henery Lee but transformed it into a more formal document now known as the Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson.
  • I'm worried that this act of treason will anger our King.
  • The colonist need for independence was resolved by the Declaration of Independence; one way that the news spread throughout the new states was through public announcements and gatherings.
  • The Declaration of Independence has been signed! With this we will soon be free!
  • Other ways the news of the Declaration of Independence was spread was through magazines and posters being passed around. Also, the first public appearance of the Declaration of Independence was from a last minute addition to that days Pennsylvania Evening post. So, newspaper was another way to hear about the Declaration of Independence.
  • Thirteen United States of America
  • -John Handcock
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