Medieval Superhero Story
Updated: 1/7/2020
Medieval Superhero Story
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  • *sigh* ... I'm so bored.
  • Since obtaining his powers, Saitama has become the strongest living creature ever known to live.
  • Hm? What's going on down there?
  • Someone help!
  • Please help!
  • Why? Because you commit terrible violent acts towards innocent people
  • Why are you getting in my way!?
  • Saitama was a typical business worker, spending everyday working just to pay for his bills. He grew tired and depressed, and one day discovered his love for fighting. He trained very hard for three years straight and became a Hero to fight full-time. He was known as One Punch Man
  • Then I'll just take you out with the rest of them
  • However, he still has a job. He and other heroes have the same role: protect civilians from villains. He quickly rushes to see what the commotion is
  • Although terrifying and dangerous to most, the reason Saitama is often bored is because his hobby is to fight. Most villains don't stand a chance against Saitama, and thus he wins with ease.
  • Thank you... Is there anyway I can repay you?
  • Like his Hero name implies, he can destroy anything with a single punch. His crazy amount of power is ultimately the reason he is back to being dissatisfied with life
  • No, don't worry about it... It's my job after all. Just make sure you get back to safety
  • Saitama starts to walk towards the villain, intending to take care of the situation like usual
  • And so, everyday is more or less the same... waiting until he can hopefully find a worthy opponent.
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