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The Last Wyvernian
Updated: 9/11/2020
The Last Wyvernian
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  • In Aytlanne's home, she wakes up being carted away in a cage. As she's a rare wyvernian, those capturing her seek to sell her out to the Emperor. However, their plans are stopped by Tho, a mercenary passersby.
  • Tho reveals that he has an extended knowledge of wyvernians, which is rare, because wyvernians had been outlawed years ago. Aytlanne pleads for him to protect her, and to teach her about wyvernians, as she never learned how to properly be one.
  • They go to a nearby town to get info about a place that will help Aytlanne tap into her wyvernian side. While in the town, Aytlanne spots someone being bullied, and tries to help. Her scales come out as a result, and it's revealed that a wyvernian is among the town. Guards begin to chase down Aytlanne, and the person being bullied helps them escape from the town.
  • After escaping, the new allies become acquainted with one another. The girl that was bullying someone is named Lumi, while the kid that was being bullied is named Neu. The 4 have a moment of peace, and Lumi reveals where they should go, should they want to unlock Aytlanne's powers.
  • After reaching the Satori Marsh, Aytlanne finds the truth about what happened to her parents, and her race. They were wiped out, and hunted down, by the Emperor. After dealing with inner conflict, she finds out who she really is, and unlocks her true power.
  • The 4 finally confront The Emperor, who has lied to all his people claiming he never hurt the wyvernian race. After a fierce fight between The Emperor and Aytlanne, Aytlanne loses control of her wyvernian form, and goes feral, almost killing the emperor. She's calmed down by her friends, and the Emperor is defeated. Aytlanne lost her family, but gained a new one, with her friends.
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