Updated: 2/4/2021

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  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • yes ma'am
  • hahaha
  • get off dumb boys
  • Climax
  • Emergency Lever
  • There are four boys, Alfred, Samuel, Calvin, and Tom, they were having the time of their lives on the swaying platforms of the subway cars. The adults inside the subway looked at them in disapproval (Paley 1).
  • "the boys jerk forward and backward and grab the swinging guard chains...She stood up with determination and went to the door. She slid it open and said, "You boys will be hurt. You'll be killed. I'm going to call the conductor if you don't just go into the next car and sit down and be quiet." Two of the boys said, "Yes'm," and acted as though they were about to go," (Paley 2). Then the boys laughed real hard at the lady.
  • One of the men in the subway decides to walk over to the emergency lever causing everyone in the subway to jerk forwards and backwards. As a result of this, Samuel falls off the platform to his death (Paley 3).