Updated: 11/16/2020

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  • Cherry Valence is our spy now
  • WHAT! Cherry Valance the soc ?
  • I need to turn myself in I cant do this anymore
  • We are coming kids
  • worrying and thinking, Johnny wanted to turn himself in to the police. Then Dally told the boys that Cherry Valance was their spy because things were crazy back home.
  • Where are Johnny and Dally?
  • Crying and Screaming, the kids were stuck in the fire everybody was going crazy not knowing what to do
  • I hope they will be ok
  • They ran to get in the old church while dally was yelling at the he boys Incredulous but they knew they had to find the kids and get them out. It was as hot as a volcano Once they found the kids they get them out and the roof was about to collapse! Johnny told Pony boy to get out right as the roof collapsed on Johnny and Dally went in to find Johnny
  • breathing fast and shaking I woke up in an ambulance feeling Incredulous with a stranger beside me I thought it was a cop. But It was the same person from the church. Oh no I thought were is Johnny and Dally so I asked he said they were in another ambulance i felt relived when he said that.
  • Crying and worrying ponyboy sat in the waiting room also feeling apperensive while Johnny and Dally were hurt it felt as if the world was ending
  • Darry and Sodapop walked into the waiting room and when Ponyboy saw them he felt Incredulous and didn't know what to say so he just ran over to hug them and darry started crying. Ponyboy told them everything that happened.
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