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Federalists vs. anti-federalists
Updated: 9/22/2020
Federalists vs. anti-federalists
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  • Allowing the president to be re-elected multiple times seems too much like a king. 
  • Oooohh I have heard about this in school...
  • How would our president be a king if the people are voting for them?
  • Don't you  that the national government will be too strong and then that would weaken the individual freedoms?
  • No, I think the national government should be stronger than the state or local governments.
  • For the Union to survive, the national government needs more powers such as the power to enforce laws.
  • The Constitution offers no protections for basic freedoms because there's no Bill of Rights.
  • The Federalists include people like James Madison, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton.
  • Oh, the Anti-Federalists include people like George Mason and Patrick Henry.
  • I agree with the Anti-Federalists. But I do think they made a good idea with the compromise.
  • I agree with the Anti-federalists because I think that the president being able to be elected over and over again is too much, but I think 2 is a good amount. I also think that state governments should have a good amount of power too. I don't think the government should be able to threaten individual rights. I believe we should have a Bill of Rights so I'm glad they added that in the Great Compromise.
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