story board assignment
Updated: 1/13/2021
story board assignment

Storyboard Text

  • Vctoria; chap. 10-15Joseph; chap. 4-9
  • chapter 10key quote- ¨made up my mind i wouldn't forget i was a girl¨ (twain. 94)
  • Key event: Huck is going in disguise as a girl to get information from a woman in the little town. This shows that Huck is creative and stealthy
  • chapter 11key quote- ¨we got out of the raft and slipped along down in the shade¨ (Twain 107)
  • key event :Huck and Jim have been suspected of camping out on the island and now they must leave or they will get caught. this reveals Huck's quick thinking and selflessness
  • Key event: while traveling along the river from their great escape Huck and Jim notices a ship has wrecked and huck wants to loot it when he and Jim overhear murders talking. Huck tells Jim that they should cut the rope to send the boat adrift. Hucks courage and bravery is revealed here.
  • chapter 12 key quote- ¨ there's a gang of murders in yonder,and if we don´t hunt up their boat and set her drifting down the river so these fellows can't get away from the wreck. (twain 120)
  • key quote- ¨-there wasn't any answer, all dead still. i still felt heavy-hearted about the gang,¨ ( Twain 124)
  • key event: Huck is feeling heavy hearted for the murders because he starts to wonder if he were in their position how would he like it. this highlights the empathetic side of huck
  • key event: Huck and Jim have a debate about a king that wanted to cut a baby in half. while Jim sees the point as actually cutting a baby in half and Huck sees a deeper meaning and tries to explain to Jim. This identify's Huck's and Jim's relationship and how Jim seems to believe his beliefs over Huck's (stubborn) but it's vice versa when Jim tells stories to Huck (gullible)
  • ¨but hang it, Jim you've clean missed the point- blame it, you've missed it a thousand mile.¨(Twain 133)
  • ¨i hears a small whoop,and up comes my spirits. i went tearing after it, listening sharp to hear it again.¨ (Twain 139)
  • key event: Huck gets separated from Jim in the fog which represents a greater meaning of how clueless Huck is about Jim. while Jim is isolated and alone on this island and Huck is out in the fog lost and represents how Huck with the rest of their current society don't understand what it´s like to be a slave. this reveals Huck´s Ignorance on a metaphoric level.
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