suvurvial of the fittest
Updated: 2/20/2021
suvurvial of the fittest

Storyboard Text

  • in a habitat full of bugs, is a really big night for all the bugs.
  • today will rain and in the battle with the rain, only one group of bugs can win. in the morning someone can get the honor.
  • do not think that this is easy for this bugs.
  • if we want to win we have to fight
  • not for me, i will sing for the winners
  • and the animals that want to watch the fight they go to the top of the trees
  • if you need me dont call me
  • sorry i have to go
  • now is start to rain and the animals that are not in the war they go.
  • 3..2..1. START and the war start we don't know who is going to win I hope this gets exciting.
  • this animal here are watching the war but i cant believe that all bugs are tired but the rain is almost finishing.