Unknown Story

Updated: 10/5/2021
Unknown Story

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  • day 1- participants were arrested
  • your being arrested
  • oh no
  • d-2 prisoners tried to rebel but failed
  • what is going on
  • yeah what should we do
  • lets plan to rebell
  • d3- guards begin to become harsh and strict, some se participants were mistreated
  • at 1 in the morning it will teach you to rebel to us
  • this is routine checks
  • we wont do it just let us sleep
  • d4- prisoners were being humiliated , they were forced to clean toilettes and other things which were degrading.
  • get out and pretend to marry
  • this is so embarrassing
  • I want to get out
  • d5- prisoners mental health was becoming worse they started breaking down due to stress, they wanted to leave but were not allowed to
  • this is so bad I need to go home
  • d6- Zimbardo's girlfriend was horrified by what she was seeing so she told Zimbardo to shut down the experiment
  • look what I have achieved in such short amount o time