Updated: 1/23/2020
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  • Hey guys! Wanna meet up?
  • It have been a few days since we last spend time together.
  • Okay then.
  • Let's meet then. At the lake, 3 a.m..
  • It's late! We have classes tomorrow.
  • !!!!!!!
  • EVA!!!! Geez!
  • ???
  • ~THE KILL~
  • Evalina sends a text to the a group chat, suggesting that they meet up. Since all of them have been busy recently, Rose, Emma, Erin, Sophia, Ria and the others agreed to meet up at 3 a.m. in the morning.
  • I can't believe Aleeyah is dead. Huhuhu
  • The group meet at the lake as promised. The quiet night soon is filled with the girls' shriek as Evalina plays a prank on them. Bored, they decided to play a game called ' Werewolf'. Laughters and jokes soon fills the group.
  • She's a bright and nice person. Why would someone kills her?
  • There's no fingerprints aside from Aleeyah's.
  • Guys, let's stop talking bout' this. I'm still freaked out.
  • One particular night, sweet Aleeyah is seen walking alone, on her way to her room. The silence keeps her on edge as she feels a pair of eyes is watching her every move. Juliana walked faster before coming to an abrupt halt as her eyes widen.
  • Attention to all students ! All classes will be canceled for today due to several unforeseen circumstances. Please remain in your residence until further notice. Your cooperation is much appreciated. Thank you.
  • The next morning, all classes are canceled so suddenly. Sophia who is on her way back to her room meet with Ria and Rose. Both of them look terrified as they share a horrifying news with Sophia, Their friend, Aleeyah is found dead. Shocked and unable to process the information, Sophia is in distress.
  • The girls gather in the 'Bilik TV' at night. Their expression are all solemn and dark as the death news is too much to handle. They discuss about the possible reasons of Aleeyah's death, including murder. The thought sends goosebumps to their skin.
  • Classes get canceled again. The girls, all huddled up at Pusat Islam are all confused. Then, Evalina shares the news. Another two of their close friends are dead. Rose noticed that the deaths may somehow are related to the game they play recently.
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