Updated: 2/10/2020

Storyboard Text

  • it's time to SHINE !
  • As the Sunlight beams on the plants surfaces, the energy is absorbed by the chloroplast, which is found in the plants cells.
  • Carbon dioxide enters & water exits through tiny pores, or the stoma.
  • Co2
  • At night, the guard cells close the stomata to keep the plant from losing too much water.
  • -transports h2o from, the roots to it's leaves. w/o it, there'd be no water.
  • -carries products of photosynthesis (glucose) to the rest of the plant.
  • *in maui's voice*what can i say except, you're welcome
  • *inhales*mhm, fresh air*exhales*
  • As a result of photosynthesis, plants give off oxygen as a waste product. which all humans and animals need to survive.