Water cycel
Updated: 3/16/2021
Water cycel

Storyboard Text

  • This is a bay. The easiest way to tell a bay and lake apart is a bay almost always connects to a body of water like an ocean and lakes. Bay's also have salt water and lakes have fresh water
  • This is a river. The easiest way to tell a river and stream apart is rivers flow to oceans and drop off water where streams have a current and have constant movement. Rivers and streams both have fresh water.
  • This is an ocean. The easiest way to tell a ocean and sea apart are seas are smaller parts of the ocean.
  • This is a glacier. Glaciers are frozen water that slowly travels the earth picking up anything in its path. Glaciers can travel for years and still be a solid.
  • This is groundwater. Groundwater is water that sunk through earths surface and into the soil. Groundwater is how the soil stays moist underground.
  • This is the atmosphere. The atmosphere holds water vapor. It moves by evaporation. The atmosphere keeps earth healthy.