Updated: 11/20/2020

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  • Yes! Forever!
  • We'll be best friends forever, right Sam?
  • It feels like forever since the last time I saw her
  • Kadyn
  • We were all very close. We were very "weird," so really, we only had each other.
  • Me
  • Yoselin
  • Madison
  • Sam
  • People came and went, but Sam and I stuck together. We even had our emo phases at the same time.
  • She helps me stay tethered. When I start to feel detached, I think of her.
  • Come back! Let's have a sleepover and play Tekken tag 2 on your old ps3!
  • Our family doesn't feel the same. Sam is like my sister, I've even known her longer than my actual sister.
  • School and life in general is a lot more difficult without her. And even though we can't see each other in person (since I'm hundreds of miles away now), I still consider her my best friend. I hope we can keep the promise we made when we were little kids.