Connotation practice

Updated: 10/13/2021
Connotation practice

Storyboard Text

  • P:Strong-Willed
  • Neu:Willful
  • Neg:Stubborn
  • Willful is when you are doing something that no one will agree on and this show as positive because it shows you are determined and brave to do it when no one will.
  • Willful is when you force yourself to do or not to do it and that you do it on purpose.This is considered neutral is because it's neither bad nor good and that it's just your choice.
  • Stubborn is when a person is trying to get something they want and try to win on something and want to keep going on something and not stop until they decide to stop.This is negative because its bad to be addicted to something and that if someone tells you to stop you ignore it and continue and if they keep tell you to stop then you could get mad and tell them no and keep going.