Updated: 10/6/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition - Introduce setting, characters, and background information
  • Rising Action - Introduce the conflict
  • Rising Action - Conflict develops
  • A long time ago, the queen of gods Hera was sitting at the Spring of Thought. She wondered why the world known as Earth was flat. There were no mountains, hills, and valleys.
  • Rising Action - Conflict continues to develop
  • Hera sat perplexed at the thought. Why had it been flat? Who had made it like that? All of these questions cold not be answered by her or her friends.
  • Climax - Turning points
  • Hera decided to seek out the Oracle, a future-seeing person, who could answer her question of the history of the universe. She started her journey and goes trough many trials to reach the All-seeing one.
  • Resolution - The end
  • When Hera had tracked the Oracle down, she implored her to tell her why and when the Earth was flat. The Oracle gave in and told her that, a long time ago, a giant cyclops had accidentally stepped on the Earth, causing it to go flat.
  • When Hera had heard this, Hera resolved to make the earth go back to its original beauty. She began to think of a way that the earth could go back to being round. She then came up with an idea. If the cyclops could make it flat, maybe it could go and make it back into its original shape.
  • Hera made her way to the Cyclops' temple and began to call them to her. The chief of the cyclops appeared before her, and Hera explained to him what had happened and the chief agreed with her. All of the cyclops would help Hera in restoring earth to its original shape.THE END