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How the Unicorn Lost its Horn
Updated: 9/30/2020
How the Unicorn Lost its Horn
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  • There were once many unicorns, four legged creatures of magic and myth. They prospered in herds and were at peace with one another.
  • After taking a long needed rest, one of the unicorns awoke to find himself abandoned by the herd. He was alone. Hoping to find his herd, the unicorn walked on to search.
  • On his search, the unicorn quite literally stumbled upon a sleeping dragon. Without meaning to, the unicorn had accidentally stepped on the dragon's tail! The dragon awoke, in a quiet yet dangerous state of anger
  • The unicorn laid down in apology to the dragon, asking for forgiveness. But the dragon was furious. He declared that, with his dragon's magic, he would curse the unicorn and all his kind.
  • With a flash, the dragon disappeared. The unicorn reared in fear, feeling suddenly very strange. He began to lose conscious, feeling as though he needed to rest for a very long time. What never left his thoughts was how he had simply wanted to find his herd, and now he had put them at risk.
  • When the unicorn had awoke, his surroundings were very different. His horn had disappeared! At least, he thought, until he looked down to see only the bone remaining on the ground. It looked very weathered and ragged. He decided to leave what was once his horn behind and continued the long search for his herd, hoping to find them and be forgiven.
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