Whales Echolocation
Updated: 6/3/2020
Whales Echolocation

Storyboard Text

  • What's so cute about that. Their just whales.
  • That is so cute. A mother whale and a baby whale.
  • Mom what's wrong. Did I say something?
  • Honey, those are not just whales. Whales have a supernatural way to see their surrondings.
  • What is this supernatural thing the whales posess?
  • Yeah!
  • Whales send little chirps that sound through the water and bounce off hard objects. Once they bounce off the object the whale recieves the sound and sends higher and louder frequency sounds. After a while the whale recieves a 3D map of it's surrondings and is able to avoid underwater obstacles. With this it is easier for whales to hunt for their prey and catch it. without this supernatural thing that humans can't do whales are going to find it hard to catch their prey.