Marissa's Storyboard
Updated: 1/31/2020
Marissa's Storyboard
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  • Grandpa is a really nice and caring person.
  • Now I feel bad for all the things I have said.
  • I am going to be a better person and respect my grandpa.
  • Grandpa did not look or had the same thing Indians have on.
  • Martin I love your grandpa personality.
  • Yes, we would love to come again.
  • Martin change into a much more sympathetic person, as he starts to think about his grandfather’s feelings. He realizes that grandpa isn't a bad person and that he care for him. Grandpa was an really nice and caring person.
  • Martin reveals that he never showed his friends grandpa picture because grandpa wasn’t tall and stately like TV Indians. He compares his grandpa to the ideal aboriginals that are portrayed on TV. To be an Aboriginals you suppose to look and dress a certain way.
  • Martin is really proud of his grandpa because grandpa's personality was very good towards Martin friends. Also all of his friends love his grandpa because they enjoy grandpa's company. So now Martin isn't much embarrassed of his grandfather.
  • Martin received the medicine bag from his grandfather. Once grandfather handed the bag to Martin, he walked to his bed and went to sleep. Grandpa said he gives Martin the bag to keep.
  • Once the story gets to the end, Grandpa started to get really sick and close to dying. Martin already knew that grandpa was really sick and close to dying. That is why Grandpa passed the medicine bag to Martin.
  • Grandpa goes to his bed and sit on it and tell and leaned his head against the pillow softly. He told Martin not to wear the Medicine bag and he give him the bag to keep. So Mom and Dad took grandpa to the hospital 2 weeks later and that was the end of the Medicine bag.
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