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Complete Bruh Moment
Updated: 2/20/2020
Complete Bruh Moment
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  • Kyle's Predicament
  • Robbie
  • Kyle
  • G- Give Thought To The Problem
  • Want some weed, my guy? It's pretty whack, brotherrr-
  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • R- Review Your Choices
  • uhhhhh...
  • Robbie and Kyle met in the tree house and Robbie asks Kyle if he wants some weed, Kyle doesn't know what to do.
  • E- Evaluate The Consequences Of Each Choice
  • this kid takes too long to make up his mind, geeeez.
  • oh geez
  • Kyle's Thoughts: "If I take Robbie's weed, will it be healthy? Will I get caught? Maybe Robbie will shun me... Maybe I should take the weed."
  • A- Assess And Choose The Best Choice
  • Kyle's Thoughts: "I can reject Robbie, but he might hate me. I can accept the weed, but who knows what will happen, or I can run away.."
  • T- Think It Over After
  • Aww man.. guess I'll go home and jam to Michael Jackson...
  • Kyle's Thoughts: "If I run, I'd look like a coward, but at least I wouldn't be in trouble. If I accept, I could get addicted.."
  • Kyle's Thoughts: "Yeah, I'm just gonna run, I don't want to get into a crazy whack situation, sorry Robbie.."
  • oi! you're such a baby!!!!!!
  • Deuces bro-...
  • Kyle's Thoughts: "I definitely chose the right decision.. it could have been dangerous, plus doing weed is bad for your health. Guess Robbie is the stupid one here."
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