Sweet Slavation
Updated: 9/17/2020
Sweet Slavation

Storyboard Text

  • In this scene the village is peaceful. There is not a care in the world
  • In this scene Englishmen come to Africa and demand for their resources and for slaves.
  • In this scene one of the slaves escapes and jumps of ship towards ¨The light of freedom¨ he says.
  • In this scene I consider the climax because in this scene the slaves arrive to the United States and they are auctioned off to different plantations, despair and panic surround the slaves as everyone tries to stay with their families.
  • At this point all of the slaves have given up hope. Everyone except for a few selection of people have some fight left inside of them. And they band together to boost their peoples moral.
  • This ending has a more figurative end to it but some of it is still real. Okay the story ends with the plantation owner telling the slaves that the emancipation proclamation was passed and that they were now free. The slaves gain wings and start flying towards the sky, symbolising their newly found freedom.
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