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Updated: 3/10/2020
dayvias project
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  • After those 3 steps come into order us plants produce something (glucose) and we also produce food.
  • We're going to start off with photosynthesis. It is a process with 3 steps, 3 steps.
  • HI! my name is Yellowanna, and I'm going to be teaching you guys about plants.
  • If us plants didn't have carbon dioxide, then photosynthesis wouldn't happen and humans would die from lack of oxygen because no carbon.
  • Now let's talk about how I need water to live. Water is one of the main elements in order for me to photosynthesize. So without it I wouldn't be alive to tell this story.
  • Now, let's talk about my dear friend Sunny. He is like the most important of them all. He gives me energy to make photosynthesis happy... isn't that CRAZY
  • After I make photosynthesis with all of these key elements it's time fr us to make some food. We produce something called glucose(sugar) which are humans energy source. We also provide oxygen for humans to help them survive.
  • I think your wondering how we give you guys oxygen. Well we convert water and carbon dioxide into oxygen for you guys. But as you know we wouldn't be able to do that without.... say it with me PHOTOSYNTHESIS.!
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