Part 2
Updated: 3/16/2021
Part 2

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  • But of course I'll say I was
  • Yes
  • Was Daisy driving?
  • Daisy stepped on it. I tried to make her stop, but she couldn't so I pulled on the emergency brake. Then she fell over into my lap and I drove on
  • It must have killed her instantly
  • You see, when we left she was very nervous and this woman rushed out at us while we were passing
  • I don't trust him
  • She's locked herself into her room and if he tries any brutality she's going to turn the light out and on again
  • You wait here, I'll see if there's any sign of a commotion
  • He won't touch her
  • Nick finally happens to understand the situation that Daisy was driving. Gatsby is ready to take full blame for what happened.
  • Is it all quiet up there?
  • Yes, it's all quiet
  • He explains that Daisy hit Mrs. Wilson and then suddenly went farther away from the accident. Gatsby explains how he tried stopping the car to help.
  • I want to wait here till Daisy goes to bed. Good night, old sport
  • You'd better come home and get some sleep
  • Gatsby says that the reason he was staying in the bushes was to make sure Daisy doesn't get hurt by Tom. Nick has trust in Tom and says to Gatsby to not worry.
  • Nick helps Tom by checking the house and checking if Daisy was okay. He tells Gatsby to not worry about Daisy as she will not get hurt.
  • Nick finally leaves Tom's house and tells Gatsby to leave and get some sleep. Nick thinks Daisy will be fine but Gatsby's love for Daisy makes him stay at the house.