Samuel speaks for God
Updated: 1/28/2021
Samuel speaks for God

Storyboard Text

  • No you were a good leader. You did not hurt, steal nor cheat.
  • What about me?Have I ever cheated or hurt you?Did I steal from you?
  • The people of Israel had saw that other nations had Kings and they came to Samuel to ask him to ask God for a King. So Samuel spoke with God.
  • God saved you, again and again and again
  • I sent Moses and Aaron to lead them out of Egypt
  • When you worshipped idols and Sisera took you captive.
  • God told Samuel to listen to the people and told him to choose Saul as their first King.
  • I will pray to God for thunder and rain
  • Save us!
  • Samuel questioned the people to see if he had done something wrong. And they said no.
  • Don't be afraid.God has made you his own.
  • Samuel reminded the people of all the things God had done for their ancestors.
  • Samuel then called down a thunderstorm from the sky to show the people that asking for a King was a wicked thing. The people begged him to stop the thunderstorm.
  • The people cried to Samuel to save them from the storm. And then He said, "For the sake of his great name the Lord . . was pleased to make you his own"