Updated: 6/4/2020
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  • I am the ruler of my country. I rule with an Absolute Monarchy where I hold all the power over my people.
  • The problem without Rousseau's Social Contract is that us peasants are unable to have any say in the government. This means that we have no decision in the taxes that starve us.
  • Click To EditThe problem with this absolute monarchy is that while the upper class are rich we peasants have to pay for their luxuries with our hard work and taxes while they party every night.
  • My name is Jean-Jacques Rousseau. I believe that instead of the monarchs having all of the power, the people should have a say in the government. I believe that people have two freedoms, natural freedoms and social freedoms. I say that people should have to give up some of their natural freedoms such as killing and stealing for better social freedom such as security and liberty.
  • I believe that the solution to the problem we are suffering from is a social contract. This means that the people will be given a place in the government but they would need to give up certain rights for it. With this power, the government could no longer create laws to benefit themselves and the people would be free do do more with their work.
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