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Updated: 4/4/2020
english storyboard
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  • zero gives stanley some help extange for some reading lessons: This shows what true friendship is about.
  • Stanley gives zero some reading lesson: Giving people help shows how you care.
  • Mr sir is not happy with stanley so he dumps his water on the ground so, zero offers some of his water.
  • [Stanley] Thanks for helping me dig my hole. [Zero] All good glad I can help
  • Zero ran away from camp so stanley decide to go look for him: This shows how much Stanley cares about Zero
  • [Zero] Thanks Stanley for teaching me how to read.[Stanley] That's ok
  • Stanley is hanging off the cliff and zero I holding his up the shovel: Zero is saving Stanleys life
  • [Mr sir] Go get your own water yelnats[Zero] here Stanley you can have some of my water[Stanley] Thanks
  • It turns out Stanley is innocent and Stanley didn't not want to leave without zero: Stanley did not want to leave zero behind.
  • [Zero] Thanks for coming to look for me [Stanley] I wasn't just going to let you perish
  • [Zero] I've got you, Stanley[Stanley] Don't drop me
  • [Stanley] I am not leaving without zero[zero] I will be fine StanleyStanley] no you ar coming[Zero] Ok
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