English Graphic Novel Project

Updated: 5/23/2021
English Graphic Novel Project

Storyboard Text

  • (1) Each of us will call our husbands and whoevers husband comes first will win the bet for his wife.
  • (4) I'd bet that much on an animal! I'd bet twenty times that on my husband!
  • (2) Good! What's the bet?
  • (5) A Hundred Then!
  • (6) Good!
  • (3) Twenty dollars!
  • Ok.
  • I'll start. Biondello, go ask my husband to come to me please.
  • He says he's too busy to come right now.
  • Yes! Beg him he must come to you now!
  • What kinds of answer is that?
  • Biondello left and came back alone.
  • Now Tell my husband I beg him to come to me at this instant!
  • Now go tell my husband I domand he comes to me now right now.
  • Again Biondellow came back alone.
  • He wants you to go to him.
  • Where's my husband?
  • What did you need wife?
  • Go get your friends and tell them to join us.
  • Then, all of sudden...
  • It's Petruchio
  • What is this foolishness that we should come at the snap of your finger?!
  • Soon the men came back.
  • That foolishness cost me 500 dollars tonight Lucientio!