Horror narrative essay
Updated: 2/24/2021
Horror narrative essay

Storyboard Text

  • Expostion
  • Main conflict
  • rising action
  • Family drives to their new house that is very old
  • climax
  • The monster watches as the pull in to his nest. Little did the family know they would be his next meal
  • falling action
  • The parents tell the kids to go check their rooms. They went up to go see the rooms. They looked around but did not see the monster in the shadows
  • Resolution
  • The parents decided to go check on their kids to see how they are doing. They see their kids are no where to be found all of a sudden the monster came out of the shadows
  • The dad runs downstairs to get a knife from the kitchen he tuns back up to see his wife gone
  • The man runs around looking for the monster in the room he ends up get a furry hand over his mouth and is pulled into the darkness