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Social Studies
Updated: 12/2/2019
Social Studies
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  • Waiting in line
  • When they go home
  • What they could afford.
  • Little children have to sit out here for hours to get a spot. There would be hundreds of kids waiting in line just to work and the job could even kill them.
  • Dangers at work
  • When the workers had to go home they went into slums or even under trash cans. They would also had to sleep in their clothes that they wore to work so they would be really dirty.
  • Pay
  • As being a factory worker and being a kid you would get paid barely any money. Kids would get almost like 3 cents an hour, and adults would get 10 cents an hour.
  • When they go home
  • When they would work at the factories it would be very dangerous. You could possibly even die and they would just make you leave and put a new person in.
  • The workers would get a low amount of pay when they got their money. Kids would get about 10 cents or lower for their weeks of work. And adults would get about 20 cents, if was really hard for them to live with a little bit of money.
  • The workers would go home when they were tired, beat up, and just exhausted. It would be late at night and they would have to walk miles just to get home. Then they would wake up really early and wait in line for work.
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