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Mabeth storyboard
Updated: 9/24/2020
Mabeth storyboard
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  • We now pronounce you Thane OF Cawdor!
  • haha little does he know he will one day be king!
  • omg!!!!
  • Z Z Z
  • I have to do what I have to do to be king.. i'm sorry
  • I know what you did Macbeth!
  • No one born of woman can hurt you!
  • There once was a great warrior named Macbeth who fought hard for his king. He was continuously victorious on the battlefield and It was noticed by people in power. Macbeth was named the new Thane of Cawdor after the previous one was killed for treason. He thought his life surely couldn't get any better until he ran into some witches that prophesized he would one day be king!
  • You can't be overthrown until the trees walk to your door!
  • Beware Macduff!
  • I just want to be sure nothing can happen to me
  • Macbeth took the witches' prophecy to heart and set out to kill the king. He wanted it all and was determined to get it. The thought of committing treason against his king scared him but that thought couldn't overpower the desire he had to become king.
  • hahaha
  • Now no one can ever hurt me!
  • Macbeth was crowned king immediately after King Duncan was killed but the guilt started getting to his head and he was superstitious of everything and everyone. This included his friend Banquo, who was killed by men that Macbeth hired. Banquo's death on his conscious made him crazy enough to even start seeing ghost.
  • I was not born of woman! I was ripped from my dead mothers womb! Therefore I can kill you!
  • Macbeth went to visit the witches again about the prophecy. He had been hearing rumors about people conspiring against him and he was scared. The witches told him to beware Macduff, but no one born of a woman could hurt him, and he wouldn't be overthrown until the forest walked to his door. This put Macbeth on ease.
  • Macbeth was still uneasy about the prophecy so we had Macduff's entire family killed to show that we shouldn't play around. This backfired for Macbeth because it made Macduff so angry that he and Malcolm gathered up and army to overthrow Macbeth. The army hid themselves behind branches from trees so they would be harder to see.
  • Macduff and Malcome's army caught Macbeth completely by surprise; they were able to overthrow him and take back the crown. The prophecy was fulfilled but not in the ways that Macbeth expected.
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