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LOTF Chapter 8
Updated: 4/27/2020
LOTF Chapter 8
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  • Jack and Ralph get into and argument because Jack still don't agree with him not being the leader. So Jack decide to leave with some of the other boys and start his own group.
  • Jack uses a conch shell so that he get get the people attention to let them know that the beast does exist and that Ralph is not a good leader. So they should take the leadership away from Ralph and give it to him.
  • They decided that they were going to go up the mountain and look for the beast. But then they remembered that they need smoke. So they made a fire and the bottom. Then the fire started to go done as well as the excitement that the people had.
  • Simon had gone for a walk alone near the area were the fruit trees were at. He then went on his knees and just stayed there and let the sun hit him. And he stayed there for a while.
  • They saw demoniac creatures and they are describe with white, green, and red faces. The younger ones started to scream. And Piggy was running
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