odeyseus storyboard project
Updated: 12/12/2019
odeyseus storyboard project
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Storyboard Description

this tawfeeq hoques project

Storyboard Text

  • man vs. thoughts/beliefs/values
  • man vs. feelings
  • man vs. man
  • in Odysseus home (Ithaca) he is being told to go to troy and kill all of them but in Odysseus doesn't want to cause he just became a father (he just got a son) but they are for-ceing him to got fight for them he has no choice
  • man vs. society
  • in the Land of the Cyclopes Odysseus and his men accidentally goes inside the cyclopes cave and they got caught and now Odysseus is trying to make the cyclopes peaceful while Odysseus men are scared.
  • man vs. nature
  • in the Island of Apollo, Odysseus and his men are praying to Zeus and Apollo cause Odysseus men accidentally ate Apollos cattle and they are begging to Apollo and Zeus not to punish them.
  • man vs. supernatural
  • in Land of the Dead while Odysseus is going to the prophet people are trying to take the lamb away from him and he has escape everyone and go to the prophet.
  • in the middle of the ocean they are stuck cause Poseidon got mad at Odysseus for killing one of son which is a cyclops so he made the ocean and the wind move them all the way back from Ithaca, and now they just going to random islands. now they're stuck with storms coming at them and its raining and they barely have any food.
  • in the Island of Scylla and Charybdis they are faced withe multi headed beast (Scylla) and a whirlpool monster (Charybdis)
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