Narrative Arc
Updated: 1/13/2020
Narrative Arc
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  • BullbyDavid Elliott
  • Miles Libby
  • "Look, / He was suppose to sacrifice / That bull / To me"King Minos is gifted a white bull by Posiden so he can be king. He is suppose to give it back aftewards, but he ends up keeping it and sacrificing another one instead.
  • "The labyrinth will become the bull-boy's home. "King Minos imprisons his son in a maze with no way for him to escape.
  • "Am I put under a spell? / Without reason I tremble and cannot look away from him."A prince comes to kill the Minotaur and gets the help on Adriane.
  • "He tells me that my time has come to die"The prince enters the maze and kills the minotaur.
  • "Ariadne, after the slaughter / Fled Crete with her Athenian brave"After killing the Minotaur, the prince left with the princess and lived happily ever after.
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