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Updated: 10/7/2021
Unknown Story

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  • A Bicycle Ride to the Actually Clean PondBy RJ Elliott
  • This is Johnathan. Johnathan is planning on going for a swim at the Actually Clean Pond, and is going to get there by bike. He starts out at his residential unit at the top level of his apartment which is 77.80 meters above sea level. He walks to go get his bike from the rack.
  • Johnathan then biked to the Actually Clean Pond, and then takes a dip in the lake, which is 17.48 meters below sea level.
  • What is the overall distance Johnathan traveled?
  • This leads us to our question.
  • 77.80 - (-17.48)77.80 + 17.48 77.80+ 17.48 ------95.28
  • In other words......Johnathan traveled 95.28 meters.