Crossing of the Delaware and the Batlle of Trent
Updated: 11/8/2018
Crossing of the Delaware and the Batlle of Trent
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  • The Organization - December 25th
  • George Washington mentally prepared his men and told them why this fight was important.
  • "Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak, and esteem to all."

  • Preparation for the Crossing of the Delaware
  • Washington was determined to overtake the city of Trenton and needed everyone to have the same mindset as him
  • "I am resolved to take Trenton."
  • The Crossing of the Delaware
  • Sshh, stay quiet! This has to be a surprise.
  • George Washington, the commander of the Continental Army, organized and prepared his men for the Crossing of the Delaware and the surprise attack on Trenton. Thinking of how to pull it off, Washington decided they were going to do it at night, and silently. At Philadelphia, they started to gather resources and materials for their journey and war they were about to take part in.
  • The Journey- morning of December 26
  • Onward to Trenton we go men
  • On the night of December 25th, George Washington and his men are moments away from crossing the Delaware River, on their way to Trenton, New Jersey. They planned to split up into three different locations along the river, and cross at 11 PM.
  • The Battle - December 26
  • Washington and his men were split up among three different locations along the river to cross. There were 2,400 soldiers with him that successfully crossed, as almost 3,000 others did not make it to the meeting point on time. They were getting close to the outskirts of Trenton and started to get their weapons ready.
  • The outcome- December 26
  • During the morning on December 26 The Continental Army began there 19 mile journey to the town of Trenton. Washington's men were one of the three groups of the continental army who were planning on flanking the Hessian's but Washington's group was the only one who made it to Trenton.
  • The Continental Army made it to the the town of Trenton New Jersey were Hessian soldiers were garrisoned and launched there surprise attack. The Hessian soldiers believed that the icy conditions would make the attack impossible and were caught off guard when faced with the Continental Army lead under George Washington.
  • "Between you and me I think we are in an exceeding dangerous situation"
  • The Continental Army was victorious in the Battle of Trenton. In the fight 2 colonial soldies were killed and 5 were injured, 22 Hessian soldiers were killed 83 were wounded and over 1000 were captured. This was the first big battle of the American Revolution that soon sparked more conflicts to come.
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