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StoryBoard #3: Circe and the land of Dead.
Updated: 2/19/2020
StoryBoard #3: Circe and the land of Dead.
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Storyboard Text

  • Oh no...:(
  • Let's keep going....
  • I told you not to open that bag!!!
  • Go in there and explore, find water and food.
  • OK sir!
  • !@#$%^&*(
  • Haha!fools
  • Oh no, I have to tell Odysseus , this is not good at all
  • Thank you Hermes.
  • After opened the bag of the storm, all the ships near by got destroyed, only Odysseus's ship survived and his men
  • Yay! we are back, thank you Hermes, and you to Eurylochus!
  • It's ok, your welcome!
  • Then the crew arrived at Circe's island called Aeaea. The men went in but Odysseus stayed behind.
  • This is it. But this place is very hot!
  • HELP!!!!!
  • Then they saw the lions, the lions did not attack them. Then Circe showed up and gave the men potions and turned the men into pigs, except Eurylochus.
  • You must be Teiresias, tell me about my journey
  • Thanks!
  • When you return home, there will be more challenge!
  • Odysseus, your upcoming journey is very difficult because Poseiden made it very hard for you. After the journey , you will be the only survivor.
  • Eurylochus went back and told Odysseus about Circe. Hermes gave moly to Odysseus. Moly weaknens Circe power and free his men.
  • Let's go to the land of the Dead!
  • Your welcome!
  • Then Odysseus went to the underworld to see the blind phorphet Teiresias. He had to sacrified a black lamb to go down the underworld.
  • Teiresias showed up and told Odysseus about the upcoming things Odysseus has to face.
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