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Differences and Similarities between Bruno and Shmuel
Updated: 4/4/2019
Differences and Similarities between Bruno and Shmuel
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  • Similarities
  • Both Shmuel and Bruno was born on the same day (15 April 1934). They are also the same gender. None of them are allowed to exit their property, but Bruno does anyway. Recently, they both had to move from their home, and neither Bruno or Shmuel likes their new home.
  • Differences
  • Shmuel is a Jew. That's why he's on the left side of the fence, while Bruno is on the right side. Bruno's father is a soldier, and Shmuel's father is a watchmaker. Bruno is a free kid. He can go wherever he want to go, but Shmuel is captured. He can't even go out from his cabin without permission.
  • Differences
  • First of all, Shmuel is a poor boy, and Bruno is a rich one. Shmuel literally owns nothing. Secondly, Bruno and his family works for Hitler, while Shmuel and his family works against Hitler. Furthermore, both of them has one sibling, but Shmuel has a big brother, and Bruno has a big sister.
  • I think that, the book was really well-written. It was easy to read, but contained a few difficult words. The book was both interesting, and fun to read. Personally, I think it was a little too short. It only had 216 pages, and it didn't go that much into the details.
  • I'd say that the book touched my heart. The jews were treated horribly, and we all should know what happened in World War 2. The author is brilliant when he puts two totally different persons into the same history.
  • I'm convinced that it was a good ending. Even though both Shmuel and Bruno died, the readers gets to know excactly what happened in the concentration camps, and how horrible it was there. I hope this never ever happens again.
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